LOGOS: Awakening the Global Mind: Underlying Unity of all Reality – Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D

Guest: Ashok Gangadean, Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College. Logos is one of many terms given an age-old concept that appears in traditions spanning the globe, through time — that of an underlying unity supporting all of reality. What bridge can we build today between this eternal wisdom, and our collective, common experience of our world? Humankind has been puzzling over this for millennia. Ashok points to our ego-based mode of mental functioning as a root cause of suffering and oppression, as he takes this quest on a global scale, aiming at “the heart of human reason, the deep dynamics of communication and dialogue between diverse worldviews… to clarify and excavate the common ground across and between various ideologies and disciplines”.

Ashok Gangadean is Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College where he has taught for 53 years. He completed his PhD in philosophy at Brandeis University and his early work focused on Logic (Science of Thought) and Ontology (Science of Being).

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