Land Bridge of the Shamans – James Harrod Ph.D

Research on the Origins of Art and Religion. Ancient cultures are being widely seen as more advanced, more sophisticated, their innovations and the marks they left, proving earlier and earlier dates. James Harrod notes that the first global culture were the Gravettians of the Ice Age — we’re in fact not the first to span the globe.

The small Venus figurines, the painted caves of Europe, the flint knapping techniques, the stone tools, the burial practices, all the hallmarks of the Gravettians can be found in Siberia, Asia and the Middle East — and, he suggests — the Americas. Not just tools and art, but trade goods, symbology, mythology, cosmology — all this too was shared along the vast network of trade and exchange in the “Gravettian Globalization”. James will present the evidence that ties the Clovis cultures found across the Americas, to the Hunter-Gatherers at the closing years of the last Ice Age, from their tools and art, and their cosmology, symbology, mythology, burial practices, and use of mammoth tusks as sleds. It’s a message that also links our work with the Cuyamungue Institute.

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