Deciphering Ancient Texts with Modern Tools – Michael Langlois Ph.D

Michael Langlois is well equipped to write new chapters in ancient history. He has a busy career, deciphering Dead Sea Scrolls, determining what is fake and what is real among the brisk market for ancient script, piecing together daily life among notes scribbled a few thousand years ago on handy pieces of broken pottery. He employs new tools in innovative ways to help him do so, from multispectral imaging to “texture mapping”. He combines this with his years of deep research, study, and teaching.

Michael Langlois is a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg, the largest in France, and the only to include a Faculty of Theology, appointed as Associate Professor of Old Testament at the Faculty of Protestant Theology, founded in 1538. He holds a PhD in Habilitation in Historical and Philological Sciences from the Sorbonne, along with a masters in theology, ancient Middle Eastern languages and civilization, and archaeology and linguistics. And, a few fellowships — from the University Institute of France, the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. the French Research Center in Jerusalem. and the University of Michigan’s Frankel Center for Judaic Studies. He also works with the French National Center for Scientific Research, and as an Auxiliary of the French Academy of Inscriptions and Fine Letters. All this equips him to him give voice, once again, to the words of the past, from the sacred to the mundane.