UFOs have gone Mainstream! Eyewitness Reports – Peter Davenport

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center
Peter has manned the UFO hotline on sightings and encounters for over three decades. Those calls now number over half a million, duly recorded and archived. From the wide variety of calls and written reports, including illustrations of sightings, to a government official confirming the validity of his 2004 paper, “USING Using Multi-static Passive Radar for Real-time Detection of UFO’s in the Near-Earth Environment”. Long in the trenches, Peter has unique stories to share, as he’s watched the growing acceptance and conversation takes new turns.

UFOs are now mainstream, with our government admitting it too has long been paying attention. Recent news of “a former senior Defense Intelligence Agency scientist became the 10th ex-government official, military officer or scientist to allege publicly that the U.S. government has recovered at least one UFO” and with many further claiming it was handed to defense contractors for technical and scientific analysis, must surely tilt humanity’s course.

Peter Davenport is the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center. The Hotline is 206.722.3000. He asks everyone who has a UFO sighting to send in a written report at https://nuforc.org Peter is a current member of MUFON, and former Co-State Section Director (King County), and former Director of Investigation, for the Washington State chapter of MUFON.