Ecological & Economic Spirituality – Hazel Henderson, William Halal

Hazel Henderson, Futurist and Economic Iconoclast
William Halal, Prof of Tech & Innovation, George Washington U
Hazel Henderson and William Halal are friends and colleagues, both early pioneers visioneering a new paradigm on foundational aspects that don’t get enough coverage: economics and technology. Hazel’s many books include Creating Alternative Futures and Paradigms in Progress, and she wrote the foreword to Bill’s new book, Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness.

Bill opens with the observation that the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin, this emerging global consciousness, is already, technologically, here. We will ask about the lag time of an emerging global consciousness, about our collective worldview, its limitations, how it shapes the technology we make, and the economic equations we follow. Is the road we’re on inevitable, and how do we correct course? Following a revamp of our worldview, how do we afford a reworking of our infrastructure on all levels? What’s the look ahead, worst case and best case? What is real wealth, what is our most precious resource, and how do we employ it to shift gears and build the needed foundation for the good of all, to create the peaceful, sustainable, ecologically sound future we can all agree on?

Hosted by Laura Lee and Paul Robear. Conversation4Exploration, Conversation 4 Exploration, Conversation for Exploration, Cuyamungue: Felicitas D. Goodman Institute, The Laura Lee Show