Healers & Seers of Iceland – Corinne Dempsey, Professor of Religious Studies

Corinne Dempsey was a skeptic before a friend insisted she visit Iceland’s community of healers and seers. Impressed and intrigued, she spent months looking into the history of “andleg mal” — spirit work — and how those she met are continuing this ancient folk spiritual traditions, and making them meaningful and effective in our modern world.Corinne shares stories and first-hand accounts of the practice for trance and healing, Her book, Bridges between Worlds also explores its origins in Icelandic history.

Corinne adds “I currently view Icelandic spirit work, known as andleg mál, as a multi-tiered bridge, generally known for easing the distance between earth and spirit realms, likewise spanning histories, worldviews, and cultures. I documented the tradition as shaped by pre-Christian Icelandic traditions, folk beliefs, and Spiritualism that arrived late to Iceland after its boom and bust in North America. Andleg mál also brings skeptics and believers into conversation, especially in healing contexts where spirit-adverse clients place their last hopes in its practices and where healers and medical professionals who share patients encounter a collision of worldviews.”

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