The Spirit of Intuitive Medicine – Wendie Colter

Certified Medical Intuitive / Wellness Coach.
We’ve all had moments of direct knowing, spontaneously. Did you know Intuition is like a mental ‘muscle’ that can be trained? We can learn to apply it for various purposes, for the well-being of ourselves, and others. Our guest, Wendie Colter, has much to share on this, with practical tips. She is a medical intuitive who teaches this skill to medical professionals. Not to diagnose, but to glean energetic blocks that can derail the mind, body, though a method of “seeing” into the Bioenergetic field to identify imbalances. Wendie explains how emotions, trauma, and life experiences can manifest as physical imbalances. She describes what medical intuition reveals about the deeper story behind our health challenges. Wendie shares case studies of how her intuitive assessments uncovered the root causes behind clients’ issues. She offers her perspective on how medical intuition can support mainstream healthcare.