The Bare Bones of Forensic Anthropology. Stephanie Fox, Forensic Anthropologist

We employ many tools to see further, from the micro to the macro levels and everything in-between. Our guest, Forensic anthropologist Stephanie Fox, shares stories and insight from her case files, using forensic tools to reveal what’s hidden from first glance. Forensics has its own set of tools and methodology, akin to an archeological dig, detective work, and tracking game. Find out how well TV’s CSI shows portray the field, and Stephanie’s most unusual case, most challenging case, what’s a typical case, cases she couldn’t solve, favorite tools, and more.

Bones offer amazing clues to the trained eye. A trained forensic anthropologist, using techniques favored by archeologists, can identify gender, ethnicity, age, illness, pregnancies and even possible careers. Recently, research has extended forensic science’s reach from the present into prehistory. Now something rather special is happening: forensic science may unlock the mysteries of human evolution.