February 2014

Letter from the President – February 2014
by Paul Robear

We continue to expand our web presence, making our work more accessible and supportive of the energy, diversity, and spirit of the Cuyamungue Institute. Learn about our upcoming programs, where you can dive deeper into the foundational research of Ritual Postures. Peruse our growing archive of articles which explores various aspect of this work to create a richer appreciation of the Cuyamungue Method. Do visit the CI website often, and we invite you to visit us in person at one our upcoming events! We rely on your active participation.

It continues to be my honor to lead this groundbreaking organization. I follow in the footsteps of a number of dedicated supporters who have helped shape the Cuyamungue Institute into what it is today. In the spirit of respecting and cherishing our history, we dedicate the year 2014 to Dr. Felicitas Goodman. This remarkable woman built the rock-solid foundation upon which Cuyamungue Institute stands today. That foundation is built on her discovery that each ancient postures can lead into this alternate reality, an expanded field of consciousness, when performed in conjunction with the proper rhythmic percussive sound, such as a rattle or drum.

This wonderful and important legacy is at the core of this Institute. We shall remain steadfast in our mission to transform consciousness through the ancient wisdom of ritual postures. The experiences of thousands of students all over the world clearly demonstrates the power of the Cuyamungue Method.

Featured in this issue, As part of honoring our history, We have the original journey of how this Institute found a home in Santa Fe New Mexico. Our 280 acre campus was purchased in the early 60’s by Dr. Goodman and she rolled up her sleeves, got out the shovels and went to work.

What is the Cuyamungue Method?  The Cuyamungue Method is founded on a very simple but profound observation by Dr. Felicitas Goodman. In the early 1970’s she explained: “This method is based on my discovery that certain works of non-western art – such as figurines and rock paintings – are not just simply expressions of creativity, but in fact are ritual instructions.”  When we follow these “ritual instructions”  and hold the postures we achieve a bodily induced shifting of consciousness; a trance experience. The outcome of this is the systematic process we call “The Cuyamungue Method.”

Share with us.  As always, I’d like to hear from you. We continue to collect stories and articles from both beginners and advanced practitioners. Let me know if I may share them here in this newsletter and on our website. Email me at   experiences@cuyamungueinstitute.com. More questions? Get in touch with me. We’d love to learn more about you and how you got here and how the Cuyamungue Method has enhanced your life.


Paul Robear
President / Executive Director

Quote of the Month: The Salish people of the Northwest Coast have a saying, “When people and nature are in perfect harmony, then magic and beauty are everywhere.” (Thanks to Kate Walker for forwarding this to us)

Please take a moment to review the news, articles and experiences shared below:

In this issue:

  • Article: Spirit of the Land: the discovery of Cuyamungue by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman
  • Article: Sundance – A Dog’s Journey Home by Laura Lee
  • Article: Remembering Felicitas by Nana Nauwald
  • Article: Artist & Spirit Series – submission by artist Mark Gilliland
  • Special Event: The Call of the Stone Age Woman – Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  • Workshops and Events: Note updates, additions, and changes to our schedule.
  • Centennial Conference:  June 2014 – early registration is now beginning.

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Spirit of the land by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman

NOTE: The following is how Dr. Felicitas Goodman discovered the land of Cuyamungue, an ancient pueblo village site which eventually became home of the Cuyamungue Institute.  In her own words, here is an excerpt from her book  “Where the Spirits Ride the Wind”

In 1960 friends from Ohio State University invited me to spend my vacation with them in their new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had never before been to the Southwest, with its vast spaces and sepia and magenta flat­ top mountains, dotted with patches of green junipers and pinyon trees, and alive with a thousand lacy rock carvings created by wind and sand and shim­ mering golden in the sunlight. Most of the time the madonna-blue sky above the land was brittle and clean. But sometimes, ample cloud breasts would drip the blessing of rain from their nipples on the thirsty earth, and the misty Feathered Serpent humped over the ridges in the morning, celebrating fertility… Continue to full article

Sundance: A dogs Journey Home by Laura Lee & Paul Robear

Those who met her have been asking about the sweet little blonde that showed up one morning on the ridge at Sunrise during a gathering, and was soon a favorite member of the Cuyamungue Family.

She reveled in all the attention, and when we went off to the Kiva she found a shady spot nearby to settle in for a nap. She quickly learned the routine, such as when to be on stand-by at the kitchen back door to help us deal with all the leftovers. She came and went, her territory being the surrounding hills, but nearly always joined us for sunrise…

Continue to full article

Remembering Felicitas by Nana Nauwald

January 30th was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Felicitas.  On that day I was in contact by many friends and students of Felicitas. Here is an excerpt from my communication with Nana Nauwald, the Director of the Felicitas Goodman Institute in Germany.   I enjoyed her touching tribute to Felcitas and felt others also would – Paul Robear

…She still is so alive in all my cells, that I physical sometimes can “feel” her, can hear her voice – so clear and also sometimes so strict and with this vibration of her humor, and always being so nosey to listen to something “new” from the field, she was interested in – if this was some new research of postures, some stories… Continue to full article

Artist & Spirit Series – Submission by artist Mark Gilliland

The intent behind our Artist in Trance program is to explore, document ritual posture experience using artistic mediums such as sketching, painting, sculpting, etc… Throught direct experience we combine the art field and the spirit world.

Participants are inspired by imagery encountered during experiences with the Cuyamungue Method, essentially, documenting ones experience using artistic mediums. In this process we explore the field of consciousness both theoretically and practically.

By using the Cuyamungue Method, we open the communication between our artistic spirit and and connection between the mind and body. Ritual Postures as a method increases our creativity and opens channels of inspiration from the artistic field of consciousness within you. We welcome your submissions!

This month Mark Gilliland shares his experience with the “Lady of Cholula” posture.  Continue to article

The Call of the Stone Age Woman – Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

With our seminar in the Swabian Alps we will be following the traces of our Stone Age ancestors. Many Paleolithic artifacts have been found in the region – wonderful creatures, flutes, animal-humans – and a recent sensational discovery is the “Venus of Schelklingen” the oldest known representation of a human being. This “Earth Mother” was placed in the Hohle Fels cave some 40,000 years ago. Over the last 100 years many female figures have been found, with ages of from 20,000 to 40,000 years. When we begin our trance journey with their help, these figures connect us to the long line of our female ancestors. Continue for more information


Solstice Celebration – June 16th – 22nd, 2014 Felicitas Goodman, founder of Cuyamungue Institute
2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Felicitas’ arrival on this planet. We want to mark the year with a special, international event at Cuyamungue to honor her life and work, welcoming all cultures, languages and including all those around the world who are carrying on her legacy. We will come together, both in person and via the Internet, to share stories of Felicitas and what her work means to us. This event is open to all, and we would your  encourage your participation. Space is limited… continue  to more Information

Invest in yourself! Here is the 2013 workshop schedule at the Cuyamungue Institute.

Solstice Celebration – June 16th – 22nd, 2014 – 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the arrival on this planet of our founder, Felicitas Goodman. We want to mark the year with a special, international event at Cuyamungue to honor her life and work, welcoming all cultures, languages and including all those around the world who are carrying on her legacy. We will come together, both in person and via the Internet, to share stories of Felicitas and what her work means to us. This event is open to all, and we would your  encourage your participation. Space is limited… continue  to more Information

July 10th – 13th, 2014 – Initiatory Training Workshop – Paul Robear and Laura Lee. A powerful, compacted introduction to this work. You will be introduced to a succession of trance experiences and initiation. Enjoy the power of the group experience. More Information

August 13 – August 17, 2014:Instructor Training and Certification – How to teach the safe and simple six-step process, known as the Cuyamungue Method.

August 19 – August 24, 2014Masked Trance Dance –  Adventure into the depth of inspiration and intuitive guidance as we make masks, costumes, and our experiences will create a mythic story and end in a creation a sacred dance . Masked Trance Dance is a workshop that is a centerpiece at the Cuyamungue Institute . The workshop includes using The Cuyamungue Method to journey to the home of the animal spirits, then makes masks and costumes in preparation to for a ritual dance that the group creates based on guidance offered during the Tennessee Diviner trance posture ritual. The ritual dance that emerges from integrating the group’s collective trance experiences tells a mythic story and culminates in a metamorphosis dance.

October 1 – 5: Second Annual Men’s Conclave – This gathering provides a chance for us to share as friends, mentors, brothers, fathers, sons and share the power of the Cuyamungue Method as a group. The current climate around the world, socially, environmentally, politically and spiritually requires us to be fully functioning human beings and authentic, spiritual warriors. The experience of expanded consciousness can facilitate better leadership capabilities, creative problem solving, and collaborative decision making. Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com for more information.

Want to more information? Email us and we will answer your questions and connect you directly with the workshop instructor(s).

MORE TO COME – Make your plans now, come experience the special power of the land and enjoy the benefits of going deep into the posture experiences   People walk away stimulated, engaged, and inspired. There may be adjustments to dates, times and details, and additional events and workshops will be added. Much more detail to follow in the near future.

Want to more information? Email us and we will answer your questions and connect you directly with the workshop instructor(s).

Our Mission Statement:  More than ever there is a vital need to live more fully by embracing the sacred. In response to this need our mission is transforming consciousness through the ancient wisdom of ritual postures. As a nonprofit educational organization, the Cuyamungue Institute promotes public awareness and teaches the powerful use and effectiveness of these postures throughout the world. We are dedicated to preserving our land in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a sacred center and worldwide archival and research headquarters.

We need your support! The Cuyamungue Institute is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The Cuyamungue Institute, like many non-profit organizations, has limited resources. Each one of us can make a difference in our own way – some have the resources to provide financial support, while others have talents which they can share as a committed volunteers. We must always continue to ask the question – “How can I make a difference?” Once we answer the question we need to act. We are proud of the scope of work we have already accomplished, but this is just the beginning — there is much more to do! Here’s how you can participate:

  • Be a Volunteer – Ask about existing, on-going projects you can help with. Or suggest projects that you can work on, fund, or both!
  • Attend workshops at the Institute – Bless yourself and  the Institute. CI Workshop fees directly support maintenance of the land and buildings.
  • Personal Donations – 100% of your donations and gifts go directly to the Institute, and are tax deductible.
  • Corporate Donations – Your company can have a tremendous impact. Ask us how we can bring our work to your visionaries and leaders!

Also consider making a donation by clicking here. Ongoing research and new applications of this work is only possible with donations made by people like you. Laura Lee, our Director of Outreach and Development, is available to answer your questions and to provide more information. Contact her at lauralee@cuyamungueinstitute.com Thanks for reading! Please forward this to your friends and acquaintances who will enjoy learning more about us — and please let me hear from you! I am most happy answer andy and all questions about the Institute or the Cuyamungue Method. We welcome all correspondence.

Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com .
Paul Robear
President / Executive Director
Cuyamungue – The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute
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