January 2012

Letter from the President
by Paul Robear

With this fresh start of a new calendar year, I want to thank our volunteers and certified instructors for the time, effort, and contributions you have made to Cuyamungue Institute. We also want to thank three anonymous donors whose generous gifts will help secure the Institute for 2012. We are charged with the awesome task of maintaining and continuing the ongoing research and I am grateful for how much your efforts have resulted in strengthening the knowledge base of this exciting work. It is the deep connection and experience created by the postures that continues to inspire us all.

My goal this new year is that we generate greater awareness of the Cuyamungue Method and expand workshops and event programs to more places around the world … which can’t be accomplished without you. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Cuyamungue Institute, please contact us for volunteer opportunities.

There are many expectations and predictions for 2012 and more than ever people are searching for safe, tried and true methods for consciousness expansion and experiencing an alternate reality. I see great things ahead! The Cuyamungue Method of ritual body posture is a safe, effective technique, which also activates one’s own healing abilities. If you would like more information, visit our website and and our event schedule for 2012.

Newsletter Community List: We just completed the major process of moving our newsletter to a new server that supports non-profit organizations. Thank you to the entire community for “re-subscribing” to our newsletter. This format now allows a seamless connection with the newsletter and website. All articles will be hosted on the website as well as archives of the newsletters. This free newsletter is by subscription only. That means if this newsletter was forwarded to you, or you received an invitation to subscribe, and you want continue receiving this newsletter, please subscribe here, and welcome aboard!

New Team Members: Join me in welcoming two new members to the Cuyamungue team: Dee Doyle is our new executive adminstrator and webmaster, and Kate Walker is our new accountant. Both are professionals with very impressive resumes and we are grateful that they are offering to join us on this journey.
See what Dee and Kate have to share at https://www.cuyamungueinstitute.com/more-about-our-team/

Posture Intent – more insight: As part of our ongoing research, our team of certified instructors continues to share ideas, discoveries, and insights into the posture work. Nick Brink has been documenting particpants’ experiences and first impressions during the introduction of a posture, with very interesting results. Read all about it at https://www.cuyamungueinstitute.com/articles-and-news/understanding-the-intent-of-a-posture/

Workshop Season – fast approaching: We have streamlined the process for finding out more and signing up for our workshops at the Cuyamubngue Institute.  For each workshop, you will find contact information for that Instructor, who is the best source of information that about that workshop. From there, you can use the newly added “drop down” registration form. When you have decided upon a workshop you want to attend, simply fill out the registration form and submit. This sends an email to that workshop’s instructor, as well as the CI administration.  Meet fellow travelers on the journey, and spend time on the ancient pueblo lands of the Institute at the edge of the culturally vibrant town of Santa Fe. Visit our Workshops and Events Calendar.

New Dates – Certified Instructor Training: August 29 to  September 2, 2012.  Longtime instructors Belinda Gore and Jackie Haworth offer this opportunity to learn to teach this process. Please do consider becoming an instructor, and lead gatherings and workshops in your own community. For more details visit our events page.

Cuyamungue International:  Our community is growing! We continue to hear from groups and individuals around the world, most recently from Moscow, Egypt, Australia, the Czech Republic, and Chile. We welcome these reports and will feature excerpts as they come in.  Read the latest from Chile.

Winter Solstice Gatherings:  Thank you to all who contributed their fascinating and inspirational reports after the CI remote posture on the Solstice. Also, Laura and I were invited to the Svaha Spirit Lodge as guests to participate in their celebrations. This group has been gathering since 1986 and discovered the work of Dr. Goodman in 1991.  Group leader Rick Gossett says the posture work has been an integral part of their spirit work. He has been using Where the Spirits Ride the Wind as a guide even though he had never contacted Dr. Goodman or the Institute — until now. Thank you to the Svaha Lodge community for your generous nature and your devotion to the sacred. Here is more information on Svaha Spirit Lodge.

Blessings, Paul Robear