May 2014

Letter from the President – May 2014
by Paul Robear

I am often asked about the connection between the land of the Cuyamungue Institute and this work.  “Does the posture work depend on the land? Are the experiences better here at CI?”

The simplest answer is that the power of the Cuyamungue Method is based on the human physiology and not based on location. Our community of practitioners are worldwide.  Our postures communities are worldwide: Austria, Israel. Germany, Australia, Russia, Chile, Canada and many more counties. Using the protocol for posture verification established by Dr. Felicitas Goodman, our founder, many of these communities have found postures from their own indigenous history, which strengthens connection to their own homeland.

However, there is more to the story.  The New Mexico influence had a strong impact on Felicitas herself as she went deeper into the research of ritual postures.  The land was the “laboratory,” the setting for safe exploration into the Alternate Reality.  These 280 acres of the Cuyamungue Institute have its own power and history separate from the practice of ritual postures, but they blend in such a perfect way.  As you look at the sunset above, it is obvious this is a magical place, a place that offers inspiration.  It inspired the ancestral Puebloan people who lived here for thousands of years, and it inspired and helped guide Dr. Goodman throughout her tenure on the land. This is why in our mission statement we’ve included this: “… We are dedicated to preserving our land in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a sacred center and worldwide archival and research headquarters.” The land of Cuyamungue is still recognized as a important and sacred ancestral site by the Puebloan people of today. We are indeed fortunate to be the custodians tasked with conserving and protecting this sacred land.

For the practice of ritual postures, establishing a sacred space, no matter your location, matters. This is one of the fundamental steps of the Cuyamungue Method. All that is required is an intentional space set aside for the practice. This need not be permanent space. We can create sacred space anywhere using a few simple steps to create a safe container for the experience of transcendence, a container that by definition has well defined boundaries and protection from intrusion and interruptions. This is a built-in feature on the land of Cuyamungue.

So to return to the question “Is the posture work enhanced by the physical location. Yes, we seem to enjoy a boost, but the true power comes from the practice itself. However, those of us who have had the experience of the Institute land will tell you, the enhancement is a very real phenomena.


Paul Robear
President / Executive Director

APRIL Newsletter: What timing! Last month, the day I launched the April newsletter, the service we use had a day long glitch, and was soon back to normal. Thanks to all who wrote in saying you could not open the articles. Good to hear from you whatever the reason, and even nicer to know so many are reading through all the articles. Made an editor smile :-).  Just want you to know that the entire April newsletter is available on our website.

We are happy to share the following news and articles.

In this issue:

  • Article: Dreams may Come? What dreams indeed. by David Shank
  • Article: Traveling to the Cuyamungue Institute using Rail Runner by Paul Robear
  • Article: Artist & Spirit Series: On a Clear Trail by Cynthia Devlin
  • Article: Artist & Spirit Singing Shaman by Mark Gilliland
  • An additional date added! Initiatory Training – July July 23-27, 2014  (July 9th – 13th is full)
  • How to Submit an Article: you are invited and encouraged to participate

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Dreams may come? What dreams indeed by David Shank

I recently had the opportunity to be introduced to ritual postures and have the “ecstatic alternate reality” experience induced via the method developed by Dr. Felicitas Goodman and taught at the Cuyamungue Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a fascinating and educational experience and something I wanted to learn more about and to experience again.

I have to admit that when I first learned about the work being done at the institute I was skeptical. You might say that in my “day job” I am a person very much steeped in modern science and law. It is a world of cold, hard facts and demands for verification and proof of every substantive claim. I have found that when confronted with claims that an event or experience is rooted in the mystical and mysterious that those claims often do not stand up in the light of rigorous analysis and a heavy, skeptical dose of critical thinking.

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Initiatory Training: An additional workshop date added!
July 23rd – 27th, 23014

Our July July 9th – 13th is full.  Due to ongoing demand we have added a second opportunity to attend the Initiatory Training this summer.

Explore, experience, and expand consciousness through the Cuyamungue Method. This is the revival of an ancient practice of consciousness expanding, spirit journey experiences using sacred postures, derived from ancient artwork the world over. This expanded state of consciousness  is achieved through a relatively simple, safe, and teachable method with over thirty years of verified safe use; the evidence points to over thirty-thousand years of use.

Enjoy the Benefits – This body-wisdom is based in our physiology, which naturally and easily responds to this simple alternate state induction. As tested in the lab, this includes a decrease in stress hormones and an increase in the well- being endorphins as well as a dramatic increase in the DC voltage of brain activity, and an increase in theta brain waves whilst still in beta, resulting in a conscious “waking dream” experience.  Each posture has its own range of visionary experiences. This workshop will cover healing, divination, spirit journeying, and more. In small group sessions, we will learn and practice the Cuyamungue Method, journal our experiences and share with the group.

Participants will learn how to continue their home practice, with the tools needed. 
You will learn to DO THIS PROCESS AT HOME, step by step, with guidance using succession of shamanic postures which also includes healing, divination, metamorphosis, and initiation. Continue to for full description

Traveling to the Cuyamungue Institute using Rail Runner by Paul Robear

One of the transportation advancements made in New Mexico in the last decade is the Rail Runner commuter train.  It offers a way to get from the Albuquerque Airport to Santa Fe for a modest fee – around $10. (Senior rate $4  – 62 and over) Then from there is a free shuttle to the Hilton/ Buffalo Thunder resort which is down the hill from the Cuyamungue Institute. It does take more patience and time rather than renting a car or hiring van shuttle, but the cost difference is significantly lower. It’s an easy and fun scenic hour long ride from ABQ to state capital Santa Fe across the desert and through some Pueblo (Native American) land.  Continue to full article

Artists & Spirit Series – The Artists & Spirit program is an opportunity to explore, expand, and document our ritual posture experience with sketching, painting, sculpting and other visual art mediums. 

Art sits at the center of our work at the Cuyamungue Institute. It is through the artwork of the ancients that Ritual Postures have been preserved and communicated through the centuries. Ritual Postures activate our creative center, and stir the dialogue with the Soul. Taking the the imagery encountered during our spirit journey experiences with the Cuyamungue Method as inspiration for artistic expression is a rewarding exercise on many levels. Artists are finding new layers of meaning in their experiences, as you will hear in their reports. You are invited to submit your art and your story. 

We have two new submissions this month:

On a Clear Trail by Cynthia Devlin
When attending the Masked Trance Dance and Instructor Training in September of 2013 I was inspired to explore my creative expression.

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The Singing Shaman by Mark Gilliland
Standing in a circle, toning. Listening to the rattle and to our voices weaving in and out. Then – a visual of florescent snakes interweaving in a geometric diamond grid matrix above the horizon. Navaho sky gods are present, circling overhead with the stars, watching protectively over the unfolding scene.

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How to Submit an Article: As part of expanding our Cuyamungue Institute community, you are invited and encouraged to participate.  Share how you use the Cuyamungue Method in your chosen field. We are also open to other topics, with the emphasis on the posture work, and research and or experience. More information

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Paul Robear
President / Executive Director
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