The Contemporary Path of the Sacred Masculine – Roundtable

We hear a lot these days about the Goddess and the awakening of the sacred feminine. We also must recognize the divine masculine is alive within each and every one of us as well. We need to embrace the masculine and feminine energies, not to be bound by stereotypes, but to make these energies more conscious so we can heal and work together as one humanity.
In the vast spectrum of human consciousness, the sacred masculine emerges as a path to transformation, personal empowerment, inner balance, and harmonious relationships.

The role of men is changing. Concerns about men’s evolving roles, the cultural implications, and the shifting dynamics are abundant. Our culture is flooded with questions about what healthy masculinity looks like.

The role of the father? Sometimes marginalized in today’s society however the father figure is a very significant one in most all of our families and communities. Let’s also explore the sacredness of a father figure role as well.

Roundtable: Todd VanPool & Sons, David Elkington, Frank Ferrante, Paul Robear