Sacred Sites Around the Globe: Exploration of Their Mysterious Powers – Martin Gray

Martin Gray, World Pilgrimage Photographer
Since ancient times, certain places have had a powerful attraction for billions of people worldwide. Known as sacred sites and pilgrimage places, they are the most revered locations of human civilization. National Geographic photographer Martin Gray has spent forty years visiting 2000 sacred sites in more than one hundred sixty countries.

“There have been three primary motivations for my research and travels to the world’s sacred sites. One motivation has been to gather evidence showing that pre-industrial cultures throughout the world recognized the Earth to be a sacred being worthy of deep respect and gentle treatment. Studying the development of sanctity at sacred sites, it is clear that many ancient peoples had a reverential relationship with the living earth. If such a relationship can be reawakened and encouraged in our own culture, we will be better able to address the crisis of worldwide ecological degradation.” – Martin Gray.