November 2014


Letter from the President – November 2014
by Paul Robear

It has been an exciting year at the Cuyamungue Institute, with much to be thankful for, and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! As I reflect on the year’s growth and accomplishments, I am most thankful for the blessing of your support.

I also appreciate the growing validation of what we experience during the practice of ritual postures. With advancements in the field of consciousness studies, alternate states of consciousness are gaining wider acceptance and understanding in general. The mission of the Cuyamungue Institute is the advancement of one state of consciousness in particular.

“Ecstatic Trance” is a common term used to describe the experience created during the practice of ritual postures. Characterized by a reduced external awareness, an expanded inner awareness, and a feeling of increased inner joy, this state is frequently accompanied by multi-sensory visionary experiences. Lab studies support this, showing theta brain waves simultaneously with beta waves, and a surge of endorphins. The practice of Ritual Postures leading to the physiological shift that supports “Ecstatic Trance“ is what we refer to as the Cuyamungue Method.

What is the Cuyamungue Method all about? It is founded on a very simple but profound observation by anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman. In the early 1970′s she explained: “This method is based on my discovery that certain works of non-western art – such as figurines and rock paintings – are not just simply expressions of creativity, but in fact are ritual instructions.”  When we follow these “ritual instructions”  we achieve this physiologically induced shift of consciousness that was once widely practiced, and honored, by ancient cultures the world over. It is CI’s mission to revive this most ancient wisdom tradition, and partake of the insight and joy gleaned from it, much as our ancestors did.

We invite you to join us! Come and participate in CI’s upcoming programs, where you can dive deeper into the foundational research of Ritual Postures. Peruse our growing archive of articles which explores various aspect of this work. Visit the CI website often. And, please do  let me hear from you. Email me with any questions or comments you may have about the Institute or the Cuyamungue Method. We welcome all correspondence. Reach me directly at



Paul Robear

President / Executive Director

Cuyamungue: The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute

I am happy to share the following news and articles.

In this issue:

  • Article: Magic in the Dance: An Exploration of Trance and Transformation By Shakira/Elizabeth Fannin
  • Article: Postural Techniques of Ecstasy by Michele Walters
  • Rae LeCompte: The passing of a beloved member of the Cuyamungue Institute community
  • Poem: Mind Of The Universe by Subrat Rath
  • Workshops and Events: Schedule for 2015
  • How to Submit an Article: You are invited and encouraged to participate!

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Magic in the Dance: An Exploration of Trance and Transformation
By Shakira/Elizabeth Fannin

There were times in dance when I felt transformed from matter into pure energy; when I could step outside of time and observe it moving so slowly, and step back in when I pleased; when I could do the physically impossible; when I could anticipate musical accents in pieces I had never heard and hit them perfectly; when I could feel the energy of the audience and the musicians and the music as surely as a weaver feels her threads. This state did not occur anywhere else in my life.

Not, at least, until I took Dr. Felicitas Goodman’s workshop series on trance…  —–> Complete Article

Postural Techniques of Ecstasy by Michele Walters

This article examines the different forms of trance states and experiences used by various cultures to bring about an altered state of consciousness, with particular emphasis on the role of postures in the trance state. To examine this form of trance reference will be made to the work of Anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, who argues that there is a high degree of agreement in visionary context and physical sensation, cross culturally and trans-historically among individuals adopting similar body postures to induce an altered state of consciousness…

————–> Complete Article

Rae LeCompte: The passing of a beloved member of the Cuyamungue Institute community.
By Jackie Haworth

Cuyamungue Institute lost a dear friend in the death of Rae LeCompte, vice president of the board.  Anyone who knew Rae understood how appropriate her name was…Rae…like a ray of sunshine, a ray of hope or a ray of love.  She always emitted such a ray.  Often during board meetings we found ourselves in strong debates going nowhere.  Rae would clear her throat and in that deep voice of hers would put together all of our thoughts in one clear statement.  We would all sit back and say, “Yes, that is what we mean.”  How wonderful to have her wisdom pull us together…  ——–> Complete Article

Poem: Mind Of The Universe by Subrat Rath

Thinking of the mind of the universe I was merging in serenity and tranquility.
Universe has its own mind and it is controlling the stars,moon,sun and the galaxies.
Moving with the mind of the universe I was working with vigor and zeal.
Merging in the universal mind I was developing tremendous powers within.

With courage and confidence I was walking on the path of life.
Imbibing the universal powers I was merging in peace and bliss.
Looking to my surroundings I was getting the essence of the universal mind.
The universal mind was becoming my friend, philosopher and guide… ——> Complete Poem

Workshops and Events: Schedule for 2015

Here is the preview of workshops and events in planned for 2015 at the Cuyamungue Institute, so you can get the jump-start on making your plans to join us next season. There may be adjustments to dates, times and details, and additional events and workshops will be added. More detail to follow in the near future. ——> More Information

Our Sacred Land.  The New Mexico influence had a strong impact on Felicitas herself as she went deeper into the research of ritual postures.  The land is the “laboratory,” the setting for safe exploration into the Alternate Reality.  These 280 acres of the Cuyamungue Institute have its own power and history separate from the practice of ritual postures, but they blend in such a perfect way.  It is a magical place, a place that offers inspiration.  It inspired the ancestral Puebloan people who lived here for thousands of years, and it inspired and helped guide Dr. Goodman throughout her tenure on the land.  The land of Cuyamungue is still recognized as a important and sacred ancestral site by the Puebloan people of today. We are indeed fortunate to be the custodians tasked with conserving and protecting this sacred land.

International Instructors Conference 2016

Renewing and growing our international connections was the common theme throughout the recent Centennial Conference. When Hermine Brzobohaty suggested we meet again at CI in two years, this was met with much enthusiasm and support. So we are already planning CI’s International Instructors Conference for the summer of 2016! We hope to see you at the next International Instructor Conference; two years is the blink of the eye!

If you are not yet an Instructor, talk to me about our recently updated Instructor Training Program.

How to Submit an Article: As part of expanding our Cuyamungue Institute community, you are invited and encouraged to participate. Share how you use the Cuyamungue Method in your chosen field. We are also open to other topics, with the emphasis on the posture work, and research and or experience. More information

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Paul Robear

President / Executive Director

Cuyamungue – The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute

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