October 2014

Letter from the President – October 2014

by Paul Robear

We have completed our workshop season here at the Cuyamungue Institute and we felt the energy building with each event.  The experiences of our participants are so inspirational as they continue to add further examples of the power of this work.

As I shared in the last newsletter, my wife Laura and I attended a Totem Pole Journey Blessing Ceremony conducted by Lummi Nation elders on San Juan Island Washington. At this event the tribal leaders shared how they collected water from sites they visited along their 5100-mile journey and at the end, conducted a water blessing ceremony.  I was deeply inspired by their passion as protectors the sacred tribal waters.

I was also inspired to ask those coming to the final event of the season, the Men’s Conclave, to bring along a sample of water from a stream, lake, river, or ocean near their home. We then conducted a Water Blessing Ceremony at CI. It was one of many rituals and ceremonies, as we began each day greeting the sun, honoring the land of Cuyamungue,  spirit journeying, making masks, and more. I’ve included a more detailed report on the Water Blessing Ceremony in month’s articles.

As we now look back on this season, we want to thank all of you who made the journey to the CI. You came from around the world: England, Austria, Germany, Israel, Chile, Australia, Italy, France, Canada and from across the US. It is such an honor for myself and the Board of Directors and all who have contributed to CI in many many ways to see the work of Dr. Goodman continue to grow and touch so many.

We also want to thank all those who have made donations and/or have volunteered to support the Cuyamungue Institute. With your help, we are committed to continuing to broaden and deepen the impact of the Cuyamungue Method, and to continue to offer this profound experiential practice to the global community.

If you have any questions about the Institute or the Cuyamungue Method, please reach out and contact us. We welcome all correspondence. Email me directly at paulrobear@cuyamungueinstitute.com


Paul Robear
President / Executive Director
Cuyamungue – The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute

We are happy to share the following news and articles.

In this issue:

  • Article: Water Blessing – A ritual conducted by the Men’s Conclave
  • Article: What is Trance?  by Margaret Jones
  • Article: Celtic Symbols: Finding Meaning in Celtic Art by Michelle Normand
  • Event:  Austrian Institute – 100th Anniversary Celebration of Dr. Goodman’s birth
  • Artists & Spirit Series:  The Mayan Flute by Mark Gilliland
  • International Instructor Conference: Summer 2016
  • How to Submit an Article: you are invited and encouraged to participate

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Water Blessing Ritual –  October 2014

Conducted by the Men’s Conclave

By Paul Robear

Water is the greatest of substances. The great flow of life is in water, therefore you give the water blessing.

As I shared in the last newsletter, Laura and I attended a Totem Pole Journey Blessing Ceremony conducted by the Lummi Nation Elders here near our home on San Juan Island. At this event the tribal leaders shared that they collected water samples from places they visited on along their 5100-mile journey and conducted a water blessing ceremony .  I was deeply inspired by their passion to protect the sacred tribal land waters.

So, I asked each one of the men attending the Men’s Conclave to bring samples of a river, stream, lake, or water source nearby their home.        ——————> Complete Article

What is Trance? by Margaret Jones

Why is it so important to define trance to understand shamanism? No matter what definition of the word “shaman” someone chooses to use—there are many, and much disagreement—most of the people that will be included in this category will have at least one thing in common. In order to serve their community by doing things like healing, chasing away drought and famine, guiding the dead to the underworld, etc., they will enter a trance in which they access a spirit world that is invisible to the untrained eye.

————–> Complete Article

Celtic Symbols: Finding Meaning in Celtic Art by Michelle Normand

There is an undeniable aura that surrounds Celtic designs and Druid traditions. Although I have strong family ties to both Ireland and Scotland, you don’t need a Celtic heritage to be enticed by the culture. It’s been said that as long as you respect Mother Earth and feel an affinity with the Celtic people you too have a Celtic soul.

—————–> Complete Article


Austrian Institute – 100th Anniversary Celebration

On  the 19th the October 2014 is dedicated to the life and work of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman.

  • Internationally known speakers such as Sabine Rittner music psychotherapist and the archaeologist Dr. Christine Neugebauer-Maresch and their findings to the trance research will be presented.
  • Dr. Adolf Holl will tell about the ground-breaking encounters and experiences with Felicitas Goodman.
  • Also Monika Stadler and Eva Dité will delight us with wonderful harp and visionary narratives by Felicitas Goodman.

In the spirit of Felicitas Goodman, who is understood as a mediator between the different dimensions of reality, we will round off the day with a common ritual of trance.   More Information

Artists & Spirit Series: The Mayan Flute

by Mark Gilliland

From my journey notes:

I now follow a dangerous winding path to a marble temple that is also a school of secret knowledge. There are floor-to-ceiling Mayan hieroglyphs on the walls. I am there to learn. I am told to look into a pool of water and to visualize the future, the new world we will be coming into. I become aware that there are countless other beings around me doing the same thing. Collectively, creating the new world.  —–> Complete Article

Mahatma Gandhi – Birthday – Born October 2, 1869
by Paul Robear

During a trip to visit Laura’s mother, Bernice, in Bellevue Washington, across the street from her condo is the Bellevue Public Library. In the front stands a a life-size bronze sculpture of Mahatma Gandi, the political and spiritual leader from India. Gifted by the government of India to Bellevue, the sculpture is striking with a staff in his right hand and sandals on his feet with eyes that seem to penetrate through you. I took this picture a few days after the birthday of Gandhi, born October 2, 1869.

One of the most inspiring figures of our time, I could not help but stand in awe while reflecting on the impact his life and accomplishments. For me, his determination to go against the odds and stand on principle stirs a deep passion to respect and cherish freedom. ———–> Complete Article

International Instructors Conference 2016

Renewing and growing our international connections was the common theme throughout the recent Centennial Conference. When Hermine Brzobohaty suggested we meet again at CI in two years, this was met with much enthusiasm and support. So we are already planning CI’s International Instructors Conference for the summer of 2016! We hope to see you at the next International Instructor Conference; two years is the blink of the eye!

If you are not yet an Instructor, talk to me about our recently updated Instructor Training Program.

How to Submit an Article: As part of expanding our Cuyamungue Institute community, you are invited and encouraged to participate. Share how you use the Cuyamungue Method in your chosen field. We are also open to other topics, with the emphasis on the posture work, and research and or experience. More information

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Paul Robear

President / Executive Director

Cuyamungue – The Felicitas D. Goodman Institute

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